May 3, 2016 (save as .htm file)

Chapter Meeting

I was out of state for the meeting, so I am grateful for the help from Douglas Braak and Larry Lobel for their notes.

Zhiwei announced that the China technician's chapter wants to be our 
sister chapter.  There was some discussion of what that would entail for 
us, and as there seemed to be very little we would have to do, the 
motion carried.

Larry Lobel of the nominating committee reported that David Abdalian, 
president, and Jewel Hutt, treasurer, have agreed to continue in their 
positions for another year.  Paul Barton has agreed to "run" for the 
position of secretary, and Christopher Ris may be persuaded to run for vice president.

The treasurer reported that we have received our dues check from home office, in the amount of $3690.00. Our balance is $20,271.72.

Zhiwei need a recommendation for a technician who works on upright player mechanisms, and he was referred to Dan Ternstrom in Walnut Creek.+

Larry wants to make sure that the most important item covered at the business 
meeting is included.  A proposal was made by me that the vice president 
will no longer be responsible for planning all chapter technicals.  
Instead, each member who attends chapter meetings, either regularly or 
occasionally, will plan and organize at least one chapter technical per 
year.  The vice president will make the assignments of who will be
responsible for each month, and offer assistance and guidance in the 
planning of the technicals.  There was no discussion, and the vote was 
unanimously in favor of the proposal.